Hey sweethearts it's been a month hiatus from the blog. I had a lot to deal with and right now everything is on track, Thank God. I missed you all, I hope you missed me too, blushing. Finding today's location was a bit challenging but thank God Brian my photographer found a really nice place. When I first saw the place, my mind went south. Some place with old and rusty sfuffs, but it was a blessing in disguise. The shots are amazing. As the old adage goes, old is gold.
So for today's shoot i decided to share with you guys the essential pieces I think you should have in your closet. This also applies to guys.
At times, you wanna dress little but look good. A good example is when going for shopping or meeting with someone within a short notice. This means you don't have to turn your closet upside down to find what to wear. Thanks to the perfect white tee, pants and sneakers. Just a perfect look to look good without having to take a lot of time to figure out. One can ch…


Hey guys, is it just me or this week has really rushed and the stuffs happening around us especially in the political sector has been overwhelming? Personally, I think our country needs salvation and come August 8th we have to vote wisely (sighs). Scratch that! I am no political enthusiast anyway. The weather is really chilly and the cold outside here is freezing I hope you guys are keeping warm and sexy.
So today I thought I should enlighten you guys on how to get along with this dress code. Wanna kill two birds withone stone? Let's read along, shall we? So here is the situation, most of us are always busy and sometimes super busy that we even forget our social and love life exists. It's a Friday and your partner "Bae" as most of us refer to our loved ones wants to take you out tonight. If that's not a date, I don't know what better name suits that. You wanna look pretty and sexy on your date, that's so obvious. Not forgetting Friday is a work day so yo…


Hey darlings, its time for another story. For the second installment of this blog, Iam going to talk about the Five golden rules of the All Black dress code. Women think of all colors except for the absence of color. Well yeah! You may think wearing all black is boring but you can be a pretty bad ass with the appropriate combination.
1. Mixing of the fabrics.
When doing the all black wear you have to vary the fabrics to avoid being dull. Nothing is dull like an all black cotton wear.
2. Consider the season.
You have to vary your fabrics according to the season. For example : a woolen dress would be more better during a cold season and linen or silk during warm seasons.
3. Do fitting outfits.
Remember black is slimming, put on something fitting and not something shapeless.
4. Accessorize.
Add interest with accessories. Bold, colorful jewelry becomes the statement piece of your outfit. Bright shoes can also work here. As for me I decided to accessorize my look using a belt to br…


Hey guys, this is premiere of my blog which will feature my passion for fashion and amazing photographs by Brian. He is a great photographer, you should see the chemistry between him and the lenses. Love is the word I would use to describe their chemistry. Oh! Where was I again? Its passion for fashion.
I wanna thank God first for giving me the resources of starting this blog, I can't forget about friends who kept telling me I can make it. It's the beginning of my journey and I hope we are going to go together.
Iam super, duper, cuper exicted to share my sense of fashion with you guys and the only thing that can shadow this feeling is a bowl full of chocolate and a freezer full of ice cream. Slurp! Forgive my cravings.
So for my first shoot, I decided on a street style, a basic but awesome look. I chose a crop top, high waist pant and a pair of sneakers. You would add a pair of glasses 👓 on if it's on a sunny day, basic right? Yeah it is, don't down play it! Slay i…